Increase your productivity or die trying…

Increase Productivity

  The feeling of being unproductive as an entrepreneur (however true or untrue it may be) is one of the most challenging hurdles to face. It can cause major anxiety and has a snowball effect throughout your work day. Here are a couple ideas to get your productivity back on track. Productivity is a state of […]

Best Size for a Twitter Image

Twitter Image Size

I’ve done a couple searches on the internet to find out, “What is the best size for a Twitter image?” and nothing really seemed to answer this question adequately. So I set out to figure this out for myself and after quite a bit of experimentation and some delving into the Twitter style-sheets, I believe I […]

How I Launched an Online Career by Blogging!

Make Money Blogging

Making money online is possibly one of the most searched for phrases on the planet. It’s an idea, that is surrounded by scepticism, mistrust and wariness – often with good reason! There just so many scam artists out there! The lure is unavoidable – the attraction to the thought of getting rich quick and becoming […]

Five steps to the best possible website design

Five steps to best website design

I recently wrote an article over at Robot Dwarf. My motivation was really just to help and guide users who are looking to take their business seriously and get started with a professional website. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the web design industry, it’s actually really difficult to know who to trust and who […]

Mobile Renaissance Launches

One of the projects that I have been working on, for quick some time now, involves the development of a WordPress plugin that easily and automatically coverts your standard website into a smart phone optimized (iPhone , Android, and other smart phones) mobile site. This is pretty useful in that it does all the work […]

How to build a Content Delivery Network on a tiny budget!

With Robot Dwarf (my current web project) only weeks away from launch, I thought I would share some really useful information that I have pieced together and found through sheer luck, friends and some really good resource sites. If you are thinking of building a website that will have high traffic, is image intensive, distributes […]

Simple Banking with BankSimple

Very interesting article on one of Twitter’s first employees who has moved into Banking : Check it out and let me know what you think…seems like a bold move, but I personally would’ve stuck with Twitter for a little longer 😉