How to build a Content Delivery Network on a tiny budget!

With Robot Dwarf (my current web project) only weeks away from launch, I thought I would share some really useful information that I have pieced together and found through sheer luck, friends and some really good resource sites.

If you are thinking of building a website that will have high traffic, is image intensive, distributes products and is built on the WordPress framework, then you should pay attention right about now. All of the above is going to be putting some serious strain on your hosting server, whether it is a dedicated server or a simple shared environment (such as Hostgator or BlueHost , etc). As such, a really neat trick (and one that many of the big players have been using for quite some time) is to make use of of Amazon S3! What’s that you say, ” Don’t they sell books and stuff?”, well yes they do! But they have also got some unbelievable infrastructure that is available for anyone to use at extremely low cost!

All you need to do is sign-up for an Amazon S3 account (its free) and then go ahead and download this brilliant plug-in called WordPress Total Cache which will speed up and optimize your WordPress site’s performance while also turning into into a Content Delivery Network (CDN) all on auto pilot!!! Instead of only having your (more than likely) tiny web server doing all the work in serving your web pages to the world, you will have the might of millions (if no billions) of dollars of investment in IT infrastructure at your disposal. Thus allowing your website to perform well in circumstances where it normally would have crashed!

So what’s the fuss? Why should you go to the effort?

  1. It’s actually not such an effort to install a plug-in and type in a couple API keys (the plug-in basically walks you through the setup)
  2. It’s will save you money in the long run (especially if you plan on selling online)
  3. It adds professionalism to your endeavor by making your site faster
  4. It allows you to scale your business at low cost (for more cost information check here)

Well, that just about all I have time for, but please feel free to let me know if anyone needs more information or some help with this as it is well worth the effort, I guarantee it!

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      That is pretty cheap when you considered the infrastructure behind it! You never have to worry about your site crashing under the pressure when you need it most! That was my point with this article!

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